Beyond Sun Protection

BABESHADE sunscreen goes beyond sun protection, it's good for your skin. 

protection, it's good for your skin. 

While our main purpose is UVA and UVB sun protection that is safe for the whole family, the result of having a formula that uses 9 top quality, natural & organic ingredients come with added skincare benefits.

Notable effects of BABESHADE's ingredients include skin PH balance, anti-inflammation, anti-aging, moisturizing and antimicrobial benefits.


Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 

- the non-nano particles won't be absorbed into your skin and possibly go into your bloodstream.

- aids in skin healing. 

- is a gentle astringent preventing excess oil formation.

- shrinks and tightens pores.

acne treatment as it combats skin irritation and inflammation to keep problems with acne breakouts at bay.

- research also reveal that zinc oxide facilitates the growth of new tissues, heals skin, and prevents inflammation.

- prevents bacterial infection by keeping skin dry and reducing the chance for contaminants to penetrate the skin.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-this Italian household staple as having many skin moisturizing benefits.

-cleans out pores and remove blackheads.

-helps achieve a smooth and radiant complexion.


Organic Jojoba Oil

-helpful in reducing and preventing wrinkles + restoring the skins natural pH balance.

-contains a variety of healing properties that aid in treating skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

-antimicrobial properties that heal sores, wounds fight against bacterial and fungal infection.


Vegetable Glycerin

-helps to moisturize the skin.

-also has antimicrobial elements.

-aid in more supple skin and improve elasticity.


Organic Shea Butter

-healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

-helps with scars, burns, blemishes, wrinkles and dark spots.

-reactivation of collagen synthesis, resulting in younger looking skin.


Vitamin E

-great antioxidant, great for anti-aging, for sun protection and treatment with scars.

-helps with the appearance of age spots, helps with water loss and strengthens the skins barrier function.